Why should you choose Reis Learning Center?

What we do here at Reis Learning Center is more than just tutoring. We use diagnostic testing to identify and then remedy any gaps that a student may have in his or her education. Once we have a picture of what a student struggles with most, an individualized program is designed to address those areas.

All tutoring is done on a one to one basis and is completed at a rate that is guided by the student. Reis Learning Center also puts an emphasis on instilling positive classroom behaviors (such as asking questions and self advocating) as well as confidence building in the classroom and beyond.

Our staff are professionals that hold a minimum of a BA in Education or a related field. Students are always working with trained professionals when they attend RLC.

We are conveniently located in the heart of New Milford. Drop off your child and while they’re hard at work, you can visit the many local shops, restaurants, movie theater, and more. Street parking is available as well as parking lots just across the street from us. NMPS students are also afforded the added benefit of school bus service directly to us. Stops are located on the corner of Bank Street and Railroad Street (just a couple hundred feet from our door) or at the VCA up the street. We’ll always be glad to pick up your child at his/her bus stop.

We invite you to schedule a time to come in for a free consultation so we may further discuss how Reis Learning Center can help your child. Email us today.

The story behind our logo

Reis Learning Center lotus

The Reis Learning Center logo was designed to resemble an open book, inspired by a lotus flower. The lotus blooms in muddy water, rising above the muck to reveal something truly magnificent. Many of our students' academic careers are like that of the lotus - messy and unfavorable at the start, but with nourishment at Reis Learning Center, the result is something brilliant.

Our logo was designed with transformation in mind because that is what we look to achieve here. Some may see a book, others a flower - both perspectives are correct. Our logo, like learning, is ambiguous.

We take pride in knowing that all students learn differently and in our ability to adapt our teaching approaches to their learning styles.

We were featured in The New Milford Spectrum!

Reis Learning Center aims to 'foster self-worth'

"Jessica Reis has a simple, yet powerful motto to guide her approach to helping students struggling in school: "It's about you, not just what you know."

Reis, who owns and operates Reis Learning Center in New Milford, believes students can improve their academic performance only when they have gained confidence and self-esteem..."

Inspiring academic and personal growth.