Programs and Services

We offer many different programs and services that are designed to meet each individual student's needs. Your student will recieve a customized development plan that will benefit their grades and their self confidence.

Skill Building

Is your student struggling with his or her current academic workload? Does he or she feel like each new assignment is just too much? Students' academic struggles can be attributed to missed skills from previous grades. We will help identify skills that were not mastered and design a program specifically tailored to remedy those gaps in order to bring students up to grade level.

Through individualized instruction, Reis Learning Center will also help the student build his or her self-confidence, acquire skills necessary to effectively utilize available academic resources, and foster positive student behaviors.

Subject Tutoring

If your child is looking to hone his/her skills in a particular subject(s), we can help with that! Let us know which subject is posing a challenge or could just use some clarification, and we will match your child up with academic instructors versed in that area.

Homework Help

Does your child struggle to get through homework? Do progress reports often reflect that assignments are missing? Or maybe he or she just finds it easier when someone’s there to help… We provide homework help to assist your child to increase his/her understanding of school assignments and to complete homework more efficiently.

Exam Preparation

Is your child getting ready to take college entrance exams? We will pinpoint the areas in which the student needs the most assistance and then create an individualized program that will focus on those areas while also reviewing all of the other subject matter that will be seen on the exams as well. In addition, we put a focus on imparting the strategies best suited to taking these particular tests.

The best time to start prep is during Sophomore year!

We offer exam preparation for many of the standarized exams, including:

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SSAT
  • ISEE

Adult Education

Adults seeking to complete their GED or take their GRE can also turn to us for assistance in preparing to take the exam.

For detailed information about our programs, please call (860) 354-0854 or email us today.

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