Meet the instructors of Reis Learning Center

Sam Hopkins

Mr. Sam

Mr. Sam was born in New Milford in 1990 and has lived here his whole life. He graduated from South Kent School in 2008 and finished his bachelors at the University of Bridgeport in 2012 where he earned a BA in Music with a concentration on Education. During his time in school, Mr. Sam was always helping his fellow students with homework and studying. He was a leader in many study groups and even tutored music theory in college.

Mr. Sam continued tutoring after college and has been with Reis Learning Center from the start. He also tutored with the staff at RLC in years prior. He has enjoyed his time working with students immensely, especially in Math. His favorite subjects are Math, History, and Science and his favorite color is purple. Music is Mr. Sam’s greatest passion. He plays the saxophone, bass, guitar, and trumpet (but not all very well). His best instrument is the saxophone and he dreams to one day achieve his goal of becoming a professional musician. Mr. Sam wants students to know that all things are possible as long as you always keep trying!

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