Academic Services

We offer many different programs and services that are designed to meet each individual student's needs.

Academic Services

We offer many different programs and services that are designed to meet each individual student's needs.

Academic Services

We offer many different programs and services that are designed to meet each individual student's needs.

Why choose Reis Learning Center?

What we do here at Reis Learning Center is more than just tutoring. We put an emphasis on instilling positive classroom behaviors (such as asking questions and self advocating) as well as confidence building in the classroom and beyond.

Our staff are professionals that hold a minimum of a BA in Education or a related field. Students are always working with trained professionals when they attend RLC.

All tutoring is done on a one to one basis and is completed at a rate that is guided by the student and is always individualized to the needs of each student.

If a student is in need of skill building, we will use diagnostic testing to identify and then remedy any gaps that a student may have in his or her education. Once we have a picture of what a student struggles with most, an individualized program is designed to address those areas.

We are conveniently located in the heart of New Milford. Drop off your child and while they’re hard at work, you can visit the many local shops, restaurants, movie theater, and more. Street parking is available as well as parking lots just across the street from us. NMPS students are also afforded the added benefit of school bus service directly to us. Stops are located on the corner of Bank Street and Railroad Street (just a couple hundred feet from our door). We’ll always be glad to pick up your child at his/her bus stop.

We invite you to schedule a time to come in for a free consultation so we may further discuss how Reis Learning Center can help your child. Email us today.

How we provide academic support

We offer many different programs and services that are designed to meet each individual student’s needs. Your student will receive a customized development plan that will benefit their grades and their self confidence.

Skill Building
Is your student struggling with his or her current academic workload? Does he or she feel like each new assignment is just too much? Students’ academic struggles can be attributed to missed skills from previous grades. We will help identify skills that were not mastered and design a program specifically tailored to remedy those gaps in order to bring students up to grade level.

Through individualized instruction, Reis Learning Center will also help the student build his or her self-confidence, acquire skills necessary to effectively utilize available academic resources, and foster positive student behaviors.

Subject Tutoring
If your child is looking to hone his/her skills in a particular subject(s), we can help with that! Let us know which subject is posing a challenge or could just use some clarification, and we will match your child up with academic instructors versed in that area.

Homework Help
Does your child struggle to get through homework? Do progress reports often reflect that assignments are missing? Or maybe he or she just finds it easier when someone’s there to help… We provide homework help to assist your child to increase his/her understanding of school assignments and to complete homework more efficiently.

Exam Preparation
Is your child getting ready to take college or high school entrance exams? We will pinpoint the areas in which the student needs the most assistance and then create an individualized program that will focus on those areas while also reviewing all of the other subject matter that will be seen on the exams as well. Our exam prep focuses on imparting the strategies best suited to taking these particular tests.

The best time to start prep is during Sophomore year!

We offer exam preparation for many of the standardized exams, including:
• SSAT & more

Adult Education
Adults returning to school, seeking to complete their GED, or take their GRE can also turn to us for assistance.

New classes & workshops for Spring/Summer 2021!
Check out our programs with learning opportunities for all types of students.

Free Consultation

Call 860.354.0854 or email us today to schedule a free consultation.

Students Are Talking

  • I highly recommend Reis Learning Center! My daughter and my son have both attended RLC. The instructors are wonderful, patient and engaging.

    Laura M.
  • Jessica and her team were amazing! My daughter felt comfortable the moment she walked through the doors. Everyone took the time to makes sure she understood the material she was being taught, and if she didn’t understand they found a way to teach her so she did understand and that is exactly what she needed. My daughter felt very confident taking her SAT’s for the last time this past weekend and that is because of Reis Learning Center. We can’t thank you enough!!

    Sherri K.
  • My daughters and I have been taking ASL here all summer. What a wonderful atmosphere for learning! Professional teachers, high expectations but laid back enough to be a lot of fun!! We have learned so much in just 16 weeks, but we have laughed and made new friends as well. Do not hesitate to try something new here! Register your kids, or yourself!!

    Cheryl D.
  • The Reid Learning Center is a really nice spot. Miss Liz and Miss Jessica were awesome with their creativity for our sensory class for toddlers. They had unique ideas and I love that we were able to take a little piece of art (a painting done by my daughter) home with us to show off!

    Jess B.
  • I visited Reis Learning Center with my children at one of their many wonderful events. Their space is very open and kid friendly. The kids felt very comfortable at each station setup and are enjoying the books they received as a treat! Wonderful place with wonderful people. I recommend it highly!

    Priscilla W.
  • Great place and great people. Summer camps and tutoring are above and beyond what I expected. Highly recommend.

    Mark M.
  • Jess, and Sam, and Mike were the pillars of my confidence going into my exam. They inspire me to strive for my best and push me to think outside the box on the materials that we worked on together. In life, we are able to meet people who change us for the better, Jess and her team did that for me; it was truly a pleasure to meet and work with them!

    Ada L.
  • The space itself is warm, bright and super inviting! Miss Jessica and Miss Liz are also warm and inviting, making the center a place you want to be in. Miss Jessica is flexible, knowledgeable, and has been very accommodating to even the youngest of crowds- babies and toddlers! The roof deck is an especially wonderful added bonus to this spa ace, you can’t beat the view of downtown from up there. We love learning at Reis Learning Center!

    Andrea C.